Coconut Shy Wedding Guests

Coconut Shy

The Coconut Shy has been a fete and carnival favourite for hundreds of years. Ours has a green and white canopy and 5 coconuts for you and your guests to knock off with the bean bags provided.

Outdoor Only

Tin Can Alley Bean Bags

Tin Can Alley

Our Tin Can Alley shares the canopy with our Coconut Shy and is great photo opportunity as well as being fun to play. Suitable for all ages, this is a cleaner and safer game than our Coconut Shy.

Outdoor Only

Skittle Alley Hire

Vintage Skittles

Skittles in one form or another has been popular for over 150 years. Ours is a Midlands short alley game with nine pins and a thrown ball. We have a colourful windbreak as a backdrop to save the balls from disappearing. Outdoor Only

Archery Cupids Arrow Game

Cupids Arrow

This brilliant outdoor archery game has been a smash hit for 2018 and you'll enjoy this large area game for players 10 and above. The safety arrows mean theres no risk of damage or injury.

Outdoor Only

Beat the buzzer Game

Buzz Board 3d

Our Buzz Board is a great test of your steady hand and patience. The 3 dimensional track needs skill and a little luck to get from one end to another.

Indoor & Outdoor

hook a duck barrel game

Hook a Duck

Our 9 little ducks swim around in large wine barrels and provide both gentle junior fun and a competitive adult challenge. This is heavy and contains water, which will need to be tipped at the end of the hire.

Outdoor only

Vintage Ring Toss

Inspired from a village hall find, this mid century rustic game has been popular with younger players and their parents since we made it. The colourful, uncomplicated play is addictive and fun.

Indoor & Outdoor

Splat the Rat

This Garden Fete favourite is fun to play as a pair or operated by one of our Games Barkers. Everyone knows its almost impossible to hit, but everyone wants to try.

Inddor & Outdoor

Junior Striker

This Junior version of our large strikers is a firm favourite for kids under the age of 8. Using our rubber mallets, the thril of ringing the bell is one the kids will remember for ages.

Indoor & Outdoor

Roll Down Game Tillystone Racer

Tillystone Racer

New for 2018, this game is a classic roll down game with a twist. Players get to roll a collection of cute little cars down the track aiming for their garages at the other end.

Indoor & Outdoor

Tug of War

Another classic village fete game, this is a real photo opportunity for you and your guests. You'll need lots of space (20m) to line up your teams and our Games Barker will ensure there's no cheating!

Currently not available to hire for 2021

Outdoor only

Sack Race

Sack Racing

Often a companion game to Tug of War, these rustic sacks are a great spectacle as your guests bounce down the track to the bunting finishing line.

Currently not available to hire for 2021

Indoor & Outdoor

Giant Bagatelle Game Hire

Giant BAgatelle

This 6ft game is the forerunner of pinball and has been played for centuries. Our version is played with the traditional cues and steel ball bearings.

Indoor & Outdoor

Hood Skittle Table Hire

Hood Skittles

Sometimes called Northamptonshire Skittles, this attractive game is unique to Tilly's and easy to play for all ages. Built in the traditional manner with linoleum base and padded leather cushions.

Indoor and Outdoor*

Horse Shoe Toss Hire

HorseShoe Toss

Horseshoes have been thrown at pins for generations and our game includes a throwing pit to contain all the shoes as they wrap themselves around the iron pin.

Indoor & Outdoor*

jeugo del sapo hire

Juego Del Sapo

This is another Tilly only game from Spain and France, sometimes called La Rana or La Grenouille, players throw iron "coins" in to 9 holes including the frogs mouth to add up a high score.

Indoor & Outdoor

Carnival Striker

8ft Striker

An iconic fete and carnival attraction - we have two difficulty levels - medium and hard, depending on your guests abilities. With it's distinctive feathers topper, its a perfect crowd puller.

Please not that this is likely to be renewed for 2021 and may look slightly different.

Indoor & Outdoor

Aunt Sally Hire

Aunt Sally

A native of Oxfordshire, this game has its roots in the 1st century! Players toss heavy wooden pins at a target up to 30ft away. This large scale game is a great game to play and watch. It comes with authentic canvas backdrop and hurdles.

Outdoor Only

Bowl a Ball Game Hire

Bowl a Ball

A gentile and refined game for all skill levels. Players get to roll cricket balls towards 5 target holes to score. A fete favourite for over 75 years.

Indoors & Outdoors

Vintage Darts Game


Our traditional upright stand holds a dart board and the challenge of scoring under 20 with the 3 darts. A fairground classic for you to try your hand at.

Indoor & Outdoor*

vintage card game hire

Play Your Cards

This family favourite needs a little luck and concentration as you and your guests guess the next card. Remember, you don't get anything for a pair in this game!

Indoor & Outdoor*

Table Skittle Hire

Devil in the Tailors

Also known as Bar Skittles this table top game is great fun and everyone knows how to play.

Indoors & Outdoors

Vintage Roll Down Game

Ping Pong Drop

This little roll down game needs you to guide your ping pong ball down in to the colour chutes & add up the scores to win. Enfuriating fun for all ages.

Indoors & Outdoors

Pub Quoites

Pub Quoites

Another rare game played in pubs and clubs for years. This is a great indoor, family game which is easy to play, but hard to master.

Indoors & Outdoors

Vintage Roll Down Game

Roll A Ball

The classic fair or carnival game. Roll the ball up the surface, add up the scores and check them against the winning number table. Great fun for all ages and a colourful photo opportunity.

Indoors & Outdoors

Shield Ring Toss Essex Rings

Shield Ring Toss

Essex Rings is played with rubber rings and this unique shield shaped board. Either add up the numbers for a high score or down the numbers until you hit the one to win.

Indoors & Outdoors

Shove Ha penny

Shove Ha'penny

Possibly the most iconic pub game there is. Play with our hardwood board and real pre-decimal half pennies to get three in a bed!

Indoors & Outdoors*

Carnival Stand the Bottle

Stand the Bottle

Fete fun and carnival competition. This simple game just requires you to use the string and loop to stand up the bottle on the plate. Oh how we love watching you play this one!

Indoors & Outdoors

vintage game hire

Tip the Barrels

Three vintage mini barrels sit on a round table for you to dislodge with bean bags. Clear them completely off the table to win the admiration of your friends and fellow competitors.

Indoors & Outdoors*

Vintage Ball in the Bucket Hire

Ball in a Bucket

From the midways of American Carnivals to the seaside fairs of the British seaside this frustrating game has a knack and it's easy if you've a skillful throw.

Indoors & Outdoors

Vintage Ring Toss Game Hire

Flag Hoopla

Another simple game that's harder to play than you imagine. Just get the 5 hoops on separate flag poles or get them all on the gold poles - its up to you how you play.

Indoors & Outdoors

Shuffleboard Hire


A Dutch Shuffleboard is a national game and you can play with friends or against yourself. Slide the discs in to the slots and add up your scores over 5 legs to find a winner.

Indoors & Outdoors

Skee Ball Game Hire

Skee Ball Alley

This American Classic made its way over to the UK in the 60's and many amusement arcades had a skee ball machine. Ours is easy to play and is great for all ages.

Indoors & Outdoors

Tip the Hats Game

Tip the HAts

This original "knock down" game needs a little space and players need a great aim as they try to knock over the hats with the bean bags provided.

Indoors & Outdoors

Coke Bottle Ring Toss

Bottle Ring Toss

A Coke branded wooden tray holds 12 Coke bottles for you to try and throw rubber rings over their necks.

Great fun for younger players

Indoors & Outdoors

Corn Hole Board

Corn Hole

This American game is great fun and played with bean bags and regulation sized boards. Play end to end for a long game or side by side with your friends.

Indoors & Outdoors

Bagatelle Game

Bagatelle Midi

This 4ft Bagatelle is fun to play in the traditional way with a push stick or cue and is suitable for all ages. This is another really popular game with kids!

Outdoor & Indoor

Beat the Buzzer carnival game

Beat the Buzzer

The tradtional Beat the Buzzer game is hard to resist and people try time and time again to get from one end to the other without sounding the buzzer.

Indoor & Outdoor

Hoopla Ring Toss

Hoopla Box

Ring toss is a great game and our box and stands allow you to play for fun or add tiny gifts or sweets to add some competition to the play.

Indoors & Outdoors

La petite roux

La Petite Roue

This ancient French Game is a brilliant test of your skill. Players roll the heavy iron pulley up the rack and try to let it stop in the penultimate, winning slot.

Outdoor & Indoor

Grand Gruyere

A wonderful little challenge for all ages - just pull the ropes to drag the ball through the maze and reach the top. A perfect team building game when played as a pair.

Outdoor & Indoor

Vintage Game Darts

Stick 3 Cards

This fairground classic has become one of our favouorite games! Using real darts, all you need to do is hit three separate cards to win the admiration of your friends and guests.

Outdoor & Indoor*

Jeugo del sapo game hire

Juego Del Sapo 2p

Also known as La Rana, this continental classic has become a fairground classic and here you can play head to head for even more fun.

Indoor & Outdoor

Tip the barrels snowmen

Tip the Snowman

Using our Tip the Barrels box, we swap in three jolly snowmen to make this a seasonal game for your party or event.

Indoor & Outdoor

Tin Can Alley Box Game

Tin Can Alley Box

Sometimes we can't erect the canopy games, so here we have a free standing throwing gallery, ideal for tin cans.

Indoor & Outdoor

Vintage Roll Down Games

Marble Mouse Hole

A beautiful, calm game yet so frustrating as you guide your balls down the ramp aiming for the mouseholes at the end of the board.

Indoor & Outdoor

Ring Toss Trees

Forest Ring Toss

These three trees are waiting for you to throw the rings on to the branches. Great for younger players.

Indoor & Outdoor

Snowman Striker

Just like our mini striker this 5ft game is aimed at kids under 6 yrs and this one is dressed like a snowman, complete with hat and a orange nose.

Indoor & Outdoor

Vintage Roll Down Games

Mini Throwing Gallery

A smaller scale throwing gallery for tin cans, mini trees or barrels. Use bean bags to knock them down on to the floor.

Indoor & Outdoor

Ring Toss Trees

2ft Indoor Bagatelle

This is the original 1950's parlour game! This 2ft version, made by Parkers is perfect for an evening in with the (big) kids.

(Image to come)

Indoor only

Tin Bath Hook a Duck

This tin bath version of our larger hook a duck is perfect for smaller players and our little white swans enjoy swimming around the bath!

Outdoor only (Water)

Vintage Roll Down Games

Santa & Snowman Bean Bag Toss

This pair of 4ft bean bag toss games are perfect for your festive fun!

Indoor & Outdoor

Ring Toss Trees

6 Hole Mini Golf Games

Our brand new for 2020, 6 Hole Mini Golf Set - perfect for all kinds of events, fundraisers, business and family celebrations. Not available as part of our 8 game packages.

Currently not available for booking in 2021.

Indoor & Outdoor

£300 for 4 hours, £350 for 24 hours plus delivery charges

Our next great idea

Stand by for the next new game to be added to our stable of popular games and challenges.

Vintage Roll Down Games


This table top game asks you to drop penny washers in the top and they bounce down the board to drop in to the score zones.

Indoor & Outdoor

Ring Toss Trees

Wheel of Fortune

This balanced prize wheel offers fun for you and your guests offering either fixed odds betting (licence maybe required) or prize every time.

Indoor & Outdoor