Traditional Game Hire

Our Traditional Games are ideal for all kinds of family or corporate events.

As an attraction at a party or wedding, these games will entertain your guests and provide wonderful, colourful memories.

Our clients include the National Trust, Local Authorities, Charities, High Street Retailers, FTSE 100 companies and their agents as well as hundreds of families and bridal couples wanting something memorable for their special day.

Call the office on 01775 831370 for the latest availability

Games Gallery

How to Hire

2021 - 8 Game Package inc delivery, set up and collection

Your choice of 8 available games are just £350 and it's a simple £0.50 for each mile travelled. We'll set them up for you, then return at the agreed time and take them down and bring them back to the warehouse.

We can increase the fun factor and save you some delivery costs by providing a Games Attendant. These entertaining attendants will engage your guest in play, reset the games and facilitate the fun!

Prices for an Attendant start at £150 which includes set up, 4 hours supervised play and take down (5 hours total)

For long distance hires, it can be more economical for a driver to wait for collecion rather than drive home and back again. For this we charge £20 per hour waited betwee set up and start of knock down.

We often get asked if we can do smaller packages, either because of space or because of budget constraints. At this time we are only offering the 8 game package. If a client wants less, then there is no cost saving and the price remains £350 plus mileage.

Victorian Fairground

We have teamed up with our local friend - Tom Tooley to bring you the country's best looking Victorian Fairground style attractions.

Lovingly recreated by master craftsman, Tom, these attractions are the envy of the industry and have appeared at the most prestigeous events around the country and regularly appear on TV and Film.

These suprisingly affordable attractions are the highest quality available and offer large scale fun for both private and corporate events.

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An Introduction to Tilly's Games

Throwing Games

Games like our Coconut Shy have been the central attraction at fairs and carnivals for hundreds of years. The spectacle of the rare coconuts and the skill of the throwers trying to win a prize have never really diminished. Along with our Tin Can Alley, they remain our most popular games.

On a slightly smaller scale we have things like Ball in the Bucket and Corn Hole games. These test both skill and patience of players of all ages.

If you'd like something a little more fairground, then why not choose our Fairground Darts game where you have to score less than 20 or stick three seperate cards?

Our rarer games are fun to play and a great talking point - Jeugo del Sapo and its larger head to head version are both fun and offer the ultimate challenge for your throwing arm.

Our simple games like the flag hoopla, always look easy to do but can test even the most confident of players.


Coconut Shy, Tin Can Alley, Tip the Hats, Horse Shoe Toss, Vintage Ring Toss, Box or Prize Hoopla, Flag Ring Toss, Essex Rings, Pub Quoites, Tip the Barrels, Corn Hole, Juego del Sapo, Aunt Sally, Coke Bottle Ring Toss, Bowl a Ball, Darts & Stick Three Cards.

Roll Down Games

Roll down games all use balls and a range of flat playing surfaces to test your skill. The first game we made was our Roll a Ball complete with its authentic paintwork. Here you have to roll the balls up the playing board and lodge them in numbered holes. Add the scores together and see if you've won! Perfect for all ages, this is one that you'll keep coming back to time and time again.

Other roll down games include our Ping Pong Drop, Marble Mousehole and Bagatelle.

We have a new Tillystone Racer game where you have to roll the little racing cars down the board in to their garages - this engaging game offers loads of fun for children and adults whilst looking really cool in your pictures.

The family of rolling balls games includes our vintage Skee Ball alley - a firm American favourite since the 1930's, our alley needs skill and a little luck to get the highest scores. Don't worry, when each turn is free, you can try again and again!


Skee Ball, Roll a Ball, Tillystone Racer, Marble Mouse Hole, Dutch Shuffleboard, Bowl a Ball, Ping Pong Drop, Bagatelle (mini, midi and giant), Hood Skittles & Vintage Skittle Alley

Games of Skill

Our action games will really test your skill and the daddy of them all is the deceptively simple Hook a Duck. Housed in our wine barrels, the little white ducks will evade your rod and the race to empty the barrel will be exciting as your challenger streaks ahead.

We have a new Archery set which has been very popular for 2019 and we expect to be doubling up on equipment for 2020. Called Cupids Arrow, you will have to hit and knock down 3 lovely love hearts from 20ft or more.

Splat the Rat is a Fete Favourite and gets your blood boiling as the furry criter escapes your bat time and time again.

Our Play your Cards Right game tests your memory and logic as you forecast the next card, just like the TV version - you get nothing for a pair in this game!

The Beat the Buzzer Game is a must to prove your steady hand/eye coordination and ours is available in a super tricky 3d version too!


Play Your Cards Right, Beat the Buzzer, Beat the Buzzer 3D, Splat the Rat, Cupids Arrow, Hook a Duck, High Striker, Kids Striker, Tug of War Rope, Devil in the Tailors, Shove Ha'penny, Stand the Bottle & La Petite Roue


We have range of themed games for your Christmas party - Bean Bag Toss Santa and Snowan will look cool in any surroundings. Our Forest Ring Toss lets you test your thowing skills, but our mini indoor/outdoor thowing gallery will let you knock down either tin cans, mini christmas trees or even snowmen. The snowmen also feature on our Tip the Snowmen game. In this collection we also have a tin bath hook a duck with more christmas themed ducks including santa and snowmen.


Bean Bag Toss Santa & Snowman, Kids Snowman Striker, Tin Bath Hook a Christmas Duck, Forest Ring Toss, Tin Can Alley & Tip the Snowmen.

Personalised Games

The creative team at Tilly's Garden Party Hire can build or personalise lots of different games - this example was for the west end production of Wind in the Willows and featured at the gala premiere event attended by royalty and celebrities alike.

Our team will work with your brand or ideas to create a professional branded or themed game to delight your guests. Call the office to discuss your plans.

Games in Production for 2021/22

We always a few new games in production and we usually announce them on our social media.

New for 2021 is our fantastic Wheel of Fortune spinner allowing you to play odds based games or prize everytime as you prefer.

We also have a table top Plinko and our big cheese game - Grand Gruyere!