VICTORIAN Amusements

from Tilly's

Handcrafted Victorian Amusements

Created and restored by one of the country's most respected craftsmen, In our opinion, these are the best quality, large scale attractions and side stalls available today.


Traditional amusements and side stalls

With a history going back hundreds of years, our country fairs and victorian marketplaces would have been adorned with the brightest attractions to test your skills and occasionally, luck!

These attractions have been acquired and restored by Tom Tooley with the support of his family.

As a first generation showman, he's bringing back the Victorian craftsmanship into these colourful attractions.

If you'd like the WOW factor at your event, then these will be just the ticket.

We can also use our trusted partners to bring you traditional helterskelters, dodgems, ferris wheels and other vintage rides.

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Increasing the fun factor

We have two sets of Victorian Swingboats - one for adults and one slightly smaller set perfect for your younger guests.

The centre piece in any fair was always the carousel and we have one of the most coveted junior Dobbie Sets in the business. Lovingly restored and hand operated, The team will transport your younger guests into the horse race of their dreams.

Our other ride is a set of vintage chairs. This chair-o-plane is one of the fastest in the country and a real thrill for junior riders.

With both a round stall and a side stall, We can set up a variety of games and challenges for you and your guests complete with fairground prizes if required. Test your throwing skills with the Lions, or toss the rings onto the prizes to win the admiration of your partner.

We've even got a large, traditional throwing saloon where you can pitch the wooden balls to dislodge the coconuts. This red and white shy looks perfect with its bright lights and colourful sheets.

As a test of strength, the 21ft Striker is a spectacle your guests will not be able to resist. No matter how high you send the pin, whether you make the bell ring or not, your spectators will know you've tried!


Victorian Fairground

Food Concessions

The best hot dogs come from the fairground, and thats what we can bring to you and your guests.

We can bring Popcorn & Candy Floss stalls, Hot Dog Stands and Chestnut Roasters to your events to provide afternoon treats or maybe late night snacks to keep your guests full.

All styled and painted in traditional fairground colours, these irresistable smells will delight your guests.