Tilly's Vintage China

Vintage China

If you are serving afternoon tea, then it's got to be out of vintage china!

Our huge selection of trios, plates, teapots and support china is a colourful delight which will set the scene at any event.

Call the office today to get a quote - or make an appointment to come and see the collection. We'll even make you a cup of tea.

China Care

Vintage china is far more delicate than standard catering china and needs a gentle hand and few precautions to keep it in tip top condition.

The first tip is to preheat the teapot with warm water before you splash in the boiling water. Boiling water in a cold teapot will cause it to crack.

The second tip is to wash them by hand. A dishwasher can crack the china (as the drying cycle is too hot) or wash off some of the transfer prints over time.

Packing is done in the paper and in the boxes provided.

It can take a day or two longer to check these in, so damage deposits can be a day or two delayed.


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